North American Trade Exchange Inc.

Mharq Lankford is a licensed Florida Auctioneer and the principal auctioneer for the North American Trade Exchange Inc. He holds auction license number AU 3862. Mharq has over 15 years of auction experience and over 20 years of sales experience.  Mharq has worked in the securities, insurance, auction, real estate, software, and dot com industries. In the auction industry Mharq has performed as a clerk, driver, runner, ringman, auctioneer assistant, office manager, vehicle manager and auctioneer.
 In addition to being the principal auctioneer at NATE, Mharq is South Florida's only African American Auctioneer. Which is why one of Mharq's specialties is African American Benefit and Charity Auctions. At the North American Trade Exchange you will find a staff with years of experience in hospitality event planning, real estate sales, financial planning, legal counseling, taxes and estate planning and more. We incorporate these entities to ensure that you are comfortable and confident with your auction sales and and purchases. 

    At the North American Trade Exchange we walk you through each step of the entire auction process to ensure that you are aware and knowledgeable of the auction process. We prefer to have a dialogue rather than a monologue. We walk with you as opposed to follow the leader. We pride ourselves on being a comprehensive full service auction firm. We attend industry trade shows and related trade shows as well as industry continuing education to ensure that we are bringing you the latest in industry standards and that we keep abreast of all market and industry changes.

The business landscape has changed so much to the point that information, goods and services can be bought and sold in nano seconds. Buyers and sellers no longer need to be present to buy and sale,  or need to be stuck at a desk to wait for sale results. The World Wide Web and Smart Phone technology has made it possible to buy and sell on the go and on your time. The educational landscape has change to the point that the "new classroom" is in the comfort of you own home or your own  handheld device. Many industry experts and insiders has predicted that this will be the "new" American business model going forward. To that end the North American Trade Exchange attends many technology and software trade shows each year to keep abreast of what is the latest and most cutting edge technology available on the market. 

The North American Trade Exchange also believes in buyer and seller education. We want you to be an informed client whether using NATE or any other auction firm. We believe in making an informed and educated decision on whether to buy or sell. Which is one of the reasons why we provide many industry educational links as well as educational and instructional supplemental resources. Many auction firms will provide a FAQ section and tell you what you want to hear or what they want you to hear. NATE provides these resources in order to educate you and allow you make your own decisions. At NATE we prefer to utilize the non-sales, non pressure, educated client approach to creating our auction sales. So with NATE you know that you are making an informed and educated decision to buy or sell at auction.